Mobile Web Pages

Online advertising isn’t just for PC’s anymore! When your customer is on the go as most people are, they are using their mobile device to find information, there for you need a campaign designed around handheld devices. Many popular website will automatically detect if you are using a mobile device and redirects the visitor to the "mobile website" pages. This is simply a website designed specifically for a handheld device. Another way that you can ensure you are viewing a mobile web page is by scanning a QR code. This code will cause your cell phone or tablet to load the mobile website so that you have better viewing on your device.


What is a Mobile Web Page?


Standard "Desktop" Website   Mobile Website

Mobile web pages are specifically designed for handheld devices - browsing the internet on a cell phone or even a tablet can be very frustrating if the website being viewed is not optimized for mobile devices. Mobile-optimized websites significantly improve user experience and satisfaction, which makes a positive impression when it counts. As more and more companies design mobile versions of their websites, the number of users surfing the web on a hand held device will increase. 


Your mobile web page is a pared-down mini-web page with "need to know" information about a business or product optimized for use on portable devices


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